How to Recruit and Get to the Top Fast in Any Network Marketing Business

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“I Want To Show 10 Dead Serious Multilevel
Marketers How To Get At List 50 New Recruits In The
Next 30 Days Without Talking To Anybody”

Are You That Multilevel Marketer That Still Struggles Monthly Trying To Get More Downlines So You Can Move Up The Ladder And Make More

Do You Find It Very Hard Persuading Stubborn Nigerians That MLM Is Not A Scam, So They Can Join Your Team?

Do You Want A Proven Strategy Of Getting At List 50 New Recruits Every Month Without Talking To Anyone?

If Your Answer To This Important Question Is An OUTSTANDING YES, Read To The End As I Reveal The Powerful Secrets Of Persuading Nigerians To
Join Your MLM Team On Autopilot….No Questions, No Argument.

Multi Level Marketing doesn’t have to be as hard as the way you are currently experiencing it or the way it is painted to be. It can be faster, it can be easier, it can be smarter. One of the greatest , “head ache causing problems” in the MLM business is getting new recruits which have the potential of shooting you up the ladder and skyrocketing your earnings.

One of the main reasons why Nigerians can be very defensive and hard to convince when it comes to joining the lucrative business of Multi-Level Marketing is that, Nigerians have one paradigm…

“Multi Level Marketing Is A Big Ol’ Scam”

“A system that lures you in to its circle using unbelievable benefits such as all expense paid trips, luxury cars and all, takes advantage of your hard work, and at the end no benefits, only small small change to survive”.

Your Job As A Multi Level Marketer Is To Cause A Paradigm Shift, Changing This Mentality But It Can Be Critically HARD.

This impression has made Nigerians so defensive to the point that they blatantly ignore you, telling themselves that MLM is nothing but a scam.

No matter how much you talk, or argue, they only hear you but would never listen to you.

Some don’t just understand MLM so they live by the gruesome stories others have told them about MLM.

They come up with excuses like…’I Can’t Talk To Anyone” Nobody Will Listen To Me”..’Am Too Shy”…..all this excuses are just to put you away
or discourage you from convincing them further.

Some ‘Naïve” and desperate marketers even make it worse by posting job offers in factories using posters and handbills. When innocent job seekers finally come for this invitation, they are surprised and disgusted that is was an MLM company in disguise as a “Milk Production Factory” trying to fool them into joining the scheme”

This immediately tarnishes the image of that MLM company and their credibility drops to ground zero. You cannot start or build a business based on fooling people. People do business based on trust and you have just successfully broken that trust and that business can never stand.

You are not alone in this hustle I Dayo Adetiloye with over 6 years experience in the business of Network Marketing had same issue when I joined. I failed at 4 MLM companies but out of persistence, dedication and a whole lot of trial and error I was able to succeed in 2 MLM companies.

In the beginnings when I was trying to persuade Nigerians to join my team, they took me for granted, stepped on me like a piece of rag, I trekked the streets of Lagos like a Fulani Herdsman trying to convince people to join my team.

In fact all my tactics and methods I tried to use to persuade people into the business proved abortive. ….I talked till my mouth was aching me.

It was as if I was pouring water into a basket, I was frustrated talking to one friend to the other, one colleague to the other, one market woman
to the other.

I crammed sales pitches, argued, explained, expatiated…yet my talk fell on deaf ears.

Most of them blatantly told me to get out of their sight, some where polite enough to hear me out, promising to join but at the end……It Was All Crickets, No Sign Ups, No Downline, Only Few Dormant Marketers Who Were Not Working Hard…….Only excuses and procrastination.

With this my earnings were ‘Dead Low”…I had nothing to show for all my years as a multi level marketer.

I was frustrated, dejected, downcast you name it……But I Never Gave Up.

All my efforts were not getting results but I never gave up, I kept pushing until I was introduced to this Strategy that changed the way I saw Multi
Level Marketing….

This Strategy Changed My Life, It Changed My Bank Account For Good I paid 30k for that strategy and today I do not regret it.

From that day, my life and career in the world of multi level marketing took a dramatic turnaround.

This seminar which I took exposed me to a proven and tested strategy that put my recruiting and signup process on speed dial….

“I Was Getting New Recruits Into My Team At The Amazing Speed Of Light”….
It Showed Me How To Use The Power ‘Brand Attraction” Which Is one Of
The Best Ways To Attract New Recruits’

It Showed Me How To Leverage The Power Of The Internet To Reach As
Much As 60,000 People In A Day Marketting My MLM Company”
It was so fast that my fellow multi level marketers were astonished at the
rate at which I was scaling new heights, moving up the ladder and most
importantly…..EARNING COOL CASH.

I Moved From Earning Less Than 15k A Month To Earning Half A Million
Naira In The Space Of 60 Days.

Today I Am A Proud Owner Of A Brand New Elantra Hyundai Courtesy
Multi Level Marketing.

I’ve Trained Over 100 Successful Multi Level Marketers On How To Leverage Technology, Using Powerful Persuasion Techniques To Triple Their Downline Numbers.

Am Not The Only One Successful At This, I Know A Guy Who Has Prospered In The MLM Business, He Owns A Range Rover, Lives In The Choicest Part Of Chevron Estate Lekki And Earns Nothing Less Than N5,000,000 Monthly From MLM.

This Could Be You If You Will Follow What Am About To Share With You.

You don’t have to kill or wear yourself out trying to convince people to join your team, tell me how many people will you convince? Especially in Nigeria were people are very defensive. You might be frustrated and tired of trying to convince people to join your team, but I have a very good news for you…
There is a better way, a far easier and smarter way of getting up to 50, hard working downlines in the next 30 days or less if you will implement what I am about to show you.

I have packaged my result generating strategy gotten from my 6 years of trial and error, shedding blood, sweat, energy and finances for you to make your journey easier.

Using this strategy, I will reveal, you will save donkey years of endless turmoil, enabling you to concentrate your energy on a strategy that is
guaranteed to work 100%

The Title of This E-book Is…


“How To Recruit And Get To The Top Fast In Any Network Marketing Business”

“This Book Contains Proven Formulas That Puts Recruiting New
Downlines On Autopilot In Your Multi Level Marketing Business.”
Now Let Me Show You How This E-book Will Help Your Multi
Level Marketing Business.

• This Book Will Show You How To Use The Power Of Brand Attraction To Generate New Recruits On Autopilot: One of the best way to get people join your multi level marketing team is to show them the results you are generating.

I will teach you how to use the power of “Brand Attraction” to position yourself as an authority, a guru, a professional in the eyes of potential recruits using the power of the internet. With this, people will beg you to join your team without you lifting a finger.

This tactic is used by MLM marketers all over the world from China, Brazil, United Kingdom, England and many more to generate new recruits on autopilot.

• Will Show You How To Get Hardworking And Ambitious New Recruits That Are Ready And Willing To Work: This book will show you exactly how and where to get quality and not quantity new recruits. New recruits who will not be dormant, but highly active generating passive income for you indirectly.

This new recruits will work so hard and indirectly increase your earnings by 500%. This book will also show you the secret of motivating dormant down lines to work and put in more efforts so that as they grow, you to will move up the ladder within few months.

My friend used this trick to skyrocket his earnings to over N2,000,000 monthly.

• Will Show You How To Be A Strategic Leader : It will show you how to lead and sensitize your new recruits for massive results and accomplishments of set goals.

It will show you one secret that you can use to ginger your downlines for action.

• Will Show You An Effective Online Strategy That Moves You From Zero Down lines To At List 50 New Down lines Leveraging The Power Of The Internet: With this strategy you will not need to go from person to person trying to convince them to join your team…….this is very stressful and you waste valuable time.

This book will show you how to leverage the power of technology to market to over 100,000 people at a go.

Imagine how many people can join you from 100,000 if you do your job well.

With this you will upgrade your level super fast and enjoy the benefits.

• Will Show You Hidden Persuasion Secrets That Will Help You Convince Anybody To Join Your Team: It will show you how to write persuasively, how to talk persuasively in a way that convinces anybody to join your team.

It will show you the right words to use that will trigger interest in the mind of the person you are trying to persuade. The will join you on speed dial, no questions, no arguments due to these particular words you are using.

Plus many more details which you would have to buy this book to discover.

To prove my credibility and show you that I know what am about to tell you, below are testimonials of people who are into multilevel marketing, who also read my book and had outstanding results



Here are the table of content for this training.

What is Network Marketing?                          ——————————————————–9

What are the advantages of Network Marketing?                         ——————————–9

How to choose a Network Marketing Company?                           ——————————-10

What are the Things to watch out for in selecting a team or in choosing your upline?   —-11

Three (3) Departments of your Network Marketing Business when you join any company -12

Here are the things to do to build a Mega team that will move fast                           ——-14

Marketing with Results in any Network Marketing Company                        ——————17

Seven ways to use Attraction Marketing                        ——————————————-19

MLM Recruitment Skills                         ————————————————————–21

How to get to the top fast in any Network Marketing Business                       —————-22

Divine Strategy to grow fast                        ———————————————————24

Bonus! Bonus!! Bonus!!!                         ————————————————————–26

The power of a platform to get people easily in any Network Marketing Business  ———-28

Offline Platform                          ———————————————————————-30

Online Platform                          ———————————————————————-32



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