Tissue Paper Serviette Business Plan

Original price was: ₦30,000.00.Current price is: ₦20,000.00.

Tissue papers are regarded as an essential commodity as every household buys a roll every week. Asides, households, business places and commercial businesses have to constantly stock their toilets with tissue papers and paper towels, and so this means that the demand of tissue papers cannot plummet even during a recession especially as there are no close alternatives in the market for consumers to switch to. In order to have repeat customers, we intend to ensure our tissue papers are of a high quality.

Having effectively studied this market, we are confident that our laid down strategies will enable us to be able to compete favourably with other tissue manufacturing companies in the area and even around. Asides manufacturing tissue and other such products for sale, we intend to offer other services that will give us an edge over our competitors and attract customers to us. Our goal is to be among the top three brands in Lagos, and among the top ten in Nigeria as a whole. This we will do by not only offering the best services but also getting the best equipment.

Knowing our important the human resources are to any business, we intend to get the best by not only hiring those who would be the best fit for the various roles but also those who we know will be able to project our visions positively internally and externally.

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