Musical Equipment Rentals Business Plan

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The Events equipment rental services began to gain popularity since the early 90s in Nigeria, before then only big corporation do make use of this service. In the year 1993 DY syztems got on the board and started the modern trend that all other indigenous company’s are now copying from they made it a market that could cut across all economy class.

Musical instruments are very expensive and people would rather rent than purchase them especially when they are just going to use them once or twice. Musical instruments are usually used when there are events and special occasions.


Executive Summary                                                               3

Introduction                                                                           4

Business Description                                                             9

Products and services                                                            9

Competitive Advantage                                                         12

Market Research                                                                    15

Competitor Analysis                                                              15

Sales and Marketing Plan                                                      16

Operational Plan                                                                    17

Business Risk                                                                          20

Management and Structure                                                  20

Financial Plan and Projections                                              21



Executive Summary

PATILAD Musical, Multimedia and Events Equipment Rentals bring to Lagos a new breath of air in the multimedia and general events equipment rentals market. PATILAD Musical, Multimedia and Events Equipment Rentals Company offer the range of these listed services; sound equipment rentals, multimedia equipment rentals, multimedia consultancy, audio equipment rentals, multimedia consultancy, audio equipment rentals, multimedia projector hiring, stage management, light equipment rentals, event equipment rentals, stage construction, multimedia device installation, event planning management, sound system rental, sound and visual management with a seamless online and offline execution.

PATILAD is an equal opportunity business making its expertise and its products available to help its customers organize a successful event. We render renting services for all multimedia equipment like musical, video, DJ equipment, metallic stage, truss for speakers and lightning, event chairs and table, also featuring DJ services and a live band Through these and other affordable products and services, PATILAD aims to be the number one resource for any event.

PATILAD also specializes in corporate customers.  We offer variety of services, for the corporate world e.g retreat training services, Gala night, Award Night, Company’s Hangouts as well as product launch event planning.  We can take care of providing all the necessary equipment to organize a world class event, be it small, medium or large scale events as well as actually hosting through the use of one or more of PATILAD’s strategic business partners.

The market for event equipment rental is steady and profitable. Patilad intends to profit nicely from our many event vendors, no matter the economic downturns, most people still need someone all or any of their events because it’s safer, it’s cheaper and better.  In short, the need for event planning/hosting services rarely diminishes, it is a steadily increasing demand that PATILAD will capitalize on.

We projected growth rate to be over 100% through year three and will have profits as a function of sales over 11% by year three.  By the beginning of year two PATILAD will have 25 employees.



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