Printing and Multimedia Business Plan

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The printing, designing and multimedia services began to gain popularity since the early 70s in Nigeria, before then only the colonial companies do make use of this service. In the year late 70s, we started seeing a revolution in these segments of the nation.

We got on the board and started the modern trend that all other indigenous Companies are now copying from they made it a market that could cut across all economy class.

The evolution of the Internet and our media intensive society will continue to raise the demand for printing, designing and visual communications. The situation in the multimedia and printing industry in Nigeria has really changed positively in the last few years from what was obtained before. There is greater competition and many more players are coming into the sector, which is rapidly expanding and developing. It has also become very active, with the competitive edge leading to the addition of different features to the printing machines, audio-visual equipment and designs software to achieve market advantage.

This is all very good for the industry, which if well developed, has the potential of generating good revenue and improving the economy. A lot of factors has led to the boom of the activities in our scope of business, ranging from local content appraisal and encouragement from the government, boom in the telecommunication industry, banking sector recapitalization and ban on some imported materials.


Executive Summary                                                       2

Introduction                                                                            3

Business Description                                                             4

Products and services                                                            8

Competitive Advantage                                                        11

Market Research                                                                     12

Competitor Analysis                                                               14

Sales and Marketing Plan                                                      17

Operational Plan                                                                     18

Business Risk                                                                           20

Management and Structure                                                  24

Financial Plan and Projections                                             26



Executive Summary

PATILAD Printing, Graphics Designing and Multimedia Solution Company is a hub for quality and affordable printing, graphics designing and multimedia editing/production services serving emerging Nigeria market.

Printing, designing, multimedia productions/editing are an unavoidable business expense for most businesses. With our combined experience, and this industry’s resilience, we feel that our business solutions and new marketing strategy will prove a sound business decision. Our keys to success and critical factors for the next year are, in order of importance:

  1. Implementing our new marketing plan.
  2. Increasing our customer base.
  3. Financial control and cash flow planning

We are seeking financial funding to assist in our marketing strategy which includes our technology and proactive solution for increase market reach. Due to the nature of this industry, the funds gotten will assist with business expenses during the first year of operation and insure that our marketing efforts are consistent. We are poised to reach more client’s with a quality operating team, digital marketing solution, delivery services and seamless online business solution.

We projected growth rate to be over 35% through year three and will have profits as a function of sales over 25% by year three.  By the beginning of year two PATILAD will have employed 15persons.






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