Vocational School Business Plan

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  1. Business Description

PATILAD Vocational School is a world-class vocational training organisation that will be established in the heart of Lagos. We deliver high quality European standard training to companies and individuals, practically designed to meet the challenges and needs of the Nigerian market.

At PATILAD Vocational School we believe that the development of vocational skills are critical to the growth and development of economies, not just in West Africa but throughout the African continent. To this end we work with local and international organisations in both private, public and social sectors to achieve this aim.

It is a Vocational School run on commercial basis.

The business is a new. We started with few vocational classes that now graduated into a Vocational school.

The Vocational school will be registered with corporate Affairs commission of Nigeria (CAC).


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Executive Summary

PATILAD Vocational School is a new NBTE Accredited technical, vocational education and human capacity development training (TVHET) Centre located in Lagos.

Our focus is on vocational Training Services, business development Library/ Bookshop, Training/Seminar and Workshop Facilities and Business Consulting for the teaming population in Nigeria.

There is a great need to supplement our educational system in Nigeria with marketable skills and knowledge. Unemployment is on the increase every year. We provide Vocational Skill Training, Internship Opportunities, Mentorship, and Access to latest Equipment, knowledge, and provision of start-up capital after training by linking up with sponsors

The centre will provide training in different vocational Department:

  1. Agro-Allied- fish farming, cattle fattening.
  2. Food processing and preservation- catering, cakes, snacks, beverages and drinks.
  3. Culture and tourism- leader works, exterior decoration, beads, arts and design
  4. Cosmetology-production of cosmetics, soaps, detergent and household products, hair styling, laundry services
  5. ICT- Hard ware, software, programming, repairs
  6. construction- Aluminium and steel work, School of environment- plastering, moulding, ceilings
  7. Beautification- Forticulture, tree planting
  8. Power and energy- generator maintenance, inverters
  9. Education- nursery and primary school, driving school
  10. Film and photography- Editing, location manager, photographer, camera, and sound operation,
  11. Engineering trade -Auto electrical, upholstery,

The school is owned and managed by Dayo Adetiloye.  He has over (15) years Vocational teaching experience. He has Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Degree from Obafemi Awolowo University.

We educate children between the ages of 12 and above

We forecasted a 40% market share. With introduction of N10,000,000, The business will generate a very high gross margin and a modest net margin after year three years and comfortable margin after year five. By year five the business will have developed a respectable yearly net profit.


1.   Introduction

A vocational school, sometimes called a trade school or vocational college, is a type of educational institution, which, depending on country, may refer to secondary or post-secondary education designed to provide vocational education, or technical skills required to perform the tasks of a particular and specific job. In the case of secondary education, these schools differ from academic high schools which usually prepare students who aim to pursue tertiary education, rather than enter directly into the workforce. With regard to post-secondary education, vocational schools are traditionally distinguished from four-year colleges by their focus on job-specific training to students who are typically bound for one of the skilled trades, rather than providing academic training for students pursuing careers in a professional discipline. While many schools have largely adhered to this convention, the purely vocational focus of other trade schools began to shift in the 1990s “toward a broader preparation that develops the academic” as well as technical skills of their students.


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